mewlo.externaltools.setuptoolhelpers module

This file defines helper functions for writing mewlo setuptools based plugins.

Mewlo does not require the use of setuptools for handling plugins, it uses it’s own system. But it does support the use of setuptools by plugin/pack authors who wish to use it. It does so by supporting setuptools functions for packaging, registering, and discovering plugins. Once discovered, Mewlo uses it’s own system for interacting with plugins.

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mewlo.externaltools.setuptoolhelpers.dvalordef(adict, akey, adefault=None)[source]

Very simple function to return value in dictionary or return default if missing.

mewlo.externaltools.setuptoolhelpers.shelp_invoke_setuptools_setup(sourcepath, infofilepath_relative, entry_point_packs)[source]

Call setuptools setup function.


Read a file and return json dictionary :return: jsondictionary_of_readfile :raises: exception on error parsing or reading file