mewlo.mpacks.core.database.mdbmodel_log module

This is a base class for logging to database. Subclasses can add new fields.

ATTN: We implement here some serialized support functions but they shouldnt be here, they should be more generically implemented in model or field class.

class mewlo.mpacks.core.database.mdbmodel_log.MewloDbModel_Log[source]

Bases: mewlo.mpacks.core.database.mdbmodel.MewloDbModel

Database model where each row is a serialized dictioary setting.

dbschemaname = 'default'
dbtablename = 'log'
classmethod define_fields(dbmanager)[source]

This class-level function defines the database fields for this model – the columns, etc.

ignored_logfields = []

Store dictionary ‘dict’ into the object’s existing defined fields, and any fields that don’t match, serialize into extrafields_serialized.


Serialize an object into the extrafields_serialized property.

set_property_byname(propname, propval)[source]

Set an object property by name.

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