mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mexceptionplus module This module contains classes and functions for custom exception handling They are used to help us easily wrap a python exception in our event class system

exception mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mexceptionplus.ExceptionPlus(msg='', exp=None, obj=None)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Derived exception that can hold a custom string AND a reference to an original exception. We may later improve this to better wrap the original exception/traceback. Note that Python3 has some built-in features for representing chained/wrapped exceptions.

ammend_reraise_message(msg, obj)[source]

Add some additional info to our message.

mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mexceptionplus.reraiseplus(exp, msg='', obj=None)[source]

Create a new exception, wrapping another exception.

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