mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mlogtarget_file module This module defines a derived logging hey class that implements file logging.

class mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mlogtarget_file.MewloLogTarget_File(filename=None, filemode='a', logformatter=None)[source]

Bases: mewlo.mpacks.core.eventlog.mlogger.MewloLogTarget

MewloLogTarget_File - target that can write log lines to a file.


Close the file if it’s already open.


Open the file if it’s not open. :return: the file reference so to use.

process(logmessage, flag_isfromqueue)[source]

Called by logger parent to actually do the work. We overide this in our subclass to do actual work.

set_fileinfo(filename, filemode)[source]

Set the filename we will open and write to on first write.


Shutdown everything, we are about to exit.

write(logmessage, flag_isfromqueue)[source]

Write out the logmessage to the file.

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