mewlo.mpacks.core.helpers.cfgmodule module Helper class that can load multiple python modules and smartly return an attribute from them in precedence order

class mewlo.mpacks.core.helpers.cfgmodule.MCfgModule[source]

Bases: dict

Lookup values smartly in one of multiple python modules, found dynamically.

get_value(key, defaultval=None)[source]

Walk all of our imports and return first one that has the key.

load_configfiles(configname, pkgdirimp_config)[source]

Load the config files (some may not be found), in order of precedence, with default last.


Load and add a config file module. It’s ok if it’s missing

run_allfuncs(functionname, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Walk imports in reverse order and run function in ALL. Return the number of functions run.

run_func(functionname, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Walk imports and run the first priority config file that has the function. Return the return value of the function, otherwise None if not found.

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