module This file “manages” the account site addon.

By “manage” we mean the following:

All code in mewlo, both the core code, and any 3rd party addons/plugins/extensions, is considered to be “managed” by a MewloPack. The MewloPack provides information about the version of the code release and associated information suitable for doing online update checking,

as well as author information, and dependency information between packs, etc.

So this Core_MewloPackWorker is the “manager” or owner of all core mewlo code. It doesn’t actually do anything – but does describe and version the core code.


Bases: mewlo.mpacks.core.pack.mpackworker.MewloPackWorker


Return a string (with newlines and indents) that displays some debugging useful information about the object.

setup_everything(mewlosite, eventlist)[source]
startup(mewlosite, eventlist)[source]