msiteaddon_account Module This file contains a siteaddon class for handling account creation/login

class mewlo.mpacks.site_addons.account.msiteaddon_account.MewloSiteAddon_Account(mewlosite, debugmode)[source]

Bases: mewlo.mpacks.core.siteaddon.msiteaddon.MewloSiteAddon

The MewloSiteAddon_Account class adds routes, controllers, and views related to logging in, registering, etc.


create aliases.


Create navigational structure for site pages.


This is called by default by the base MewloSite near startup, to add routes to the system.

startup_prep(stageid, eventlist)[source]

This is invoked by site strtup, for each stage specified in startup_stages_needed() above.

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